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AMS SERVICE is a solid and dynamic company with a steady growth, providing technical customer service of sofas, relax and lift chairs, massage chairs and home care equipment. The organization, the enthusiasm, passion and professionalism of the team are the basis for a successful corporate development that enables AMS SERVICE to respond to any needs of after-sales-service. Our team involves 135 skilled and experienced people, who work with enthusiasm and diligence to satisfy all customer needs.

Azienda, AMS Service.
Leadership, AMS Service

Continuous improvement

Maintaining and strengthening constantly our leadership in the market by reinforcing the efficiency and cost effectiveness of processes thanks to the improvement of our after-sale service, skills and knowledge of work, organising training courses and workshops in order to stay always on top.


AMS Service. New standard for Quality.

Ideal profile.

That’s the way to guarantee to all the customers not only a high quality service but an ideal partner to work with, finding in cooperation the best solution for any demands. Managing and coordinating the after sales service with an experienced internal team, ensuring high quality standards and a fast servicing.

-Managing the after sales service with an experienced internal team
-Ensure high quality standards
-Ensure fast servicing

Partnership, AMS Service
Qualità del servizio, AMS Service

Best quality standards

Constant research of the best quality standards in order to satisfy our customer completely, thanks to quality service, honesty, coherence, integrity and transparency.

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