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AMS Service

Professionalism and experience

Thanks to professionalism, experience and well-advanced technologies Ams Service offers complete services from pick-up to delivery of your goods.

Riparazione divani, AMS Service

· Sofa repair

Manual recliner sofa
Electric recliner sofa
Sofa bed
Electric sofa bed

Riparazione poltrone, AMS Service

· Armchair repairs

Lift armchairs
Relax armchairs
Massage armchairs

Riparazione lettini, AMS Service

· Bed repairs

Orthopedic beds
Electric orthopedic beds
Electric beds
Beds for beauty farm and spa
Electric beds for beauty farm and spa

Riparazione lavatesta, AMS Service

· Wash-unit repair

Wash-unit for hair salon
Electric wash-unit for hair salon
Massage wash-unit for hair salon

Riparazione automotive, AMS Service

· Repair for automotive sector

Linear actuator for caravan

Riparazione arredo cucine, AMS Service

· Repair of kitchen furniture

Extractor hood

AMS Service

For all these sectors we also offer services in restoring fabric, leather, padding and structure

Riparazioni elettroniche, assistenza poltrone, AMS Service
Repairs of electronic parts

Relying on AMS Service evaluates your purchases. Thanks to our specialists, who perfectly know all electronic circuits up to micro components, who can repair armchairs and sofas with professionalism we evaluate your purchase and solve your problems.

Riparazione meccanica, assistenza poltrone, AMS Service
Repairs of mechanical parts

Perfect knowledge of all products, experience in this sector and professionalism of our technicians explain why we ensure excellent mechanical repairs of structure of armchairs, linear actuators, components of sofas and mechanisms, in order to maintain high quality level of your investment for years.

Riparazione imbottitura poltrona, AMS Service assistenza poltrone
Repairs of padding

Padded seat of your armchairs and sofa can lose its elasticity, change of temperatures can damage the seat, causing less comfort. AMS Service always ensures a new comfortable seat, thanks to professional service in restoring of padded seats, so that your armchair or sofa can be always comfortable.

Riparazione pigmentatura, AMS Service assistenza poltrone

Leather is a strong and elegant material that can gets damaged, colour can fades and loses the beautiful effect of its pigmentation. AMS Service also specializes in pigmentation of fabrics, leather of your armchairs and sofas can be always perfect, ensuring a comfortable seat and an excellent aspect.

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